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The Apartment

My husband Ralph and I (Natascha) would have loved to live in this home ourselves, but due to my health problems, I had to stay in my own country, Austria. Therefore, my husband is now selling this lovely apartment, and I put together this blog so people can see what it really looks like and add more details than I could in a small ad.

The village this home is in is called Estacion De Cortes De La Frontera (Google maps view), which belongs to the district of Malaga. Here a view of the general area in google maps.

This lovely 2 bedroom 89 square metre top floor apartment is situated just outside the village boundary (google maps view). A level walk takes you to the village shops, bars and railway station (google maps view). A short 70 metre level walk also takes you to the village river swimming lake and beach (google maps view).

Excellent unrestricted views of the valley farms below the mountains and watch the trains go by, although it’s not a busy rail road, train noise is not an issue.

Although this renovated property is sold as unfurnished there are many great features remaining. Double glazed windows and french doors, “wood” flooring almost throughout, secure entrance door with camera, air conditioner/heater, log fire, big storage cabinet, office area (11Mb Excom Internet and IPTV can quickly be installed), large bathroom and kitchen with FREE hot water from the 200 litre solar panel, breakfast bar and balconies front and rear.

house view front balcony from street

This is the front of the building, and the apartment is located at the top floor. Visible at the top floor is the living room balcony, which has two french doors and a window.

house entrance

This is the entrance to the building.

house strairwell 01

The stairwell to the first floor, as you come through the building entrance.

house strairwell 02

The stairs to the second and top floor only lead to the apartment itself. The apartment door is a security door with special secure locking mechanism and has a camera to see who is in front of the door.

from living room to hall and front door

The apartment door, seen from the arch of the living room entrance.

Living room entrance 001

Looking from the living room into the hallway.

living room with wardrobe

The wardrobe in the living room

living room with log fire 001

The living room as it was still furnished, to have a better grasp of the size. Also visible is the logfire.

20170724 101618

Living room with log fire and the two french doors

living room desk corner

The corner with the office area. The air condition, the door phone with monitor, access for a land line phone and the shelves are still as it is seen here and are part of the apartment. Both french doors have blinds like the one visible at the window.

living room with desk corner 02

The office corner. The open cabinet door visible is the access to the storage.

living room storage in desk corner

The storage, although it is now empty of course.

16.07.2017 16-39-41

The air condition above the desk. This AC works wonderfully and cools down the whole apartment in a short amount of time. It also works as a heater.

20170730 112656

The view from the living room to the hallway as it was still furnished.

hall view 2

View from the living room into the hallway.

Hall 2

The hallway, as you leave the living room, and go further ahead. The first door to the right leads to the second bedroom. The first door to the left leads to the large bathroom. The door straight ahead leads into the main bedroom and the second door to the left leads into the kitchen.

The bathroom

bathroom 03 with bidet

The bathroom also has a bidet.

Second Bedroom 1

This is the second bedroom. The window that leads into the hallway and gets the light from the living room, can be tilted. The small bedroom also has a ceiling fan.

Second Bedroom 2

The back of the second bedroom.

Second bedroom w bed 4

To get a better feel for the size, here is the second bedroom as it was still furnished.

Second bedroom w bed 3

Again the second bedroom with the ceiling fan visible.

Second bedroom w bed 5

The second bedroom as it was still furnished, looking from the bed to the door.

Second bedroom w bed 6

The second bedroom with the window tilted.

view into kitchen 001

The kitchen, as seen when you enter through the kitchen door.

view into kitchen 002

All the cupboards and counters, stove and sinks are still part of the apartment. The only thing missing is a fridge.

view into kitchen 003


view into kitchen 005

view into kitchen 004

The kitchen as it is now.

view into kitchen 006

The window at the breakfast bar has an amazing view.

kitchen window 001

The view of the kitchen window at the breakfast bar.

kitchen window 002

The view of the kitchen window at the breakfast bar.

kitchen window 003

The breakfast bar can be collapsed. A little farther to the left of the picture would be an access for a washing machine.

Looking from the breakfast bar area into the kitchen.

from breakfast bar to rear balcony 01

To the right of the breakfast bar is a balcony door.

from breakfast bar to rear balcony 02

The rear balcony also connects to the main bedroom. Visible here is the french door of the main bedroom.

Main Bedroom 01

The main bedroom.

Main Bedroom 02

The main bedroom with the french door to the rear balcony.

Main Bedroom 04

For a better feel of the size, here is the main bedroom as it was still furnished.

Main Bedroom 06

The main bedroom also has a ceiling fan.

Main Bedroom 05

The main bedroom as it was still furnished. The rooms all appear bigger in reality.

Main bedroom 03

For a better size feel, here as it was still furnished. It’s the view as you enter from the hallway.

View Rear Balcony from bedroom 01

The view from the main bedroom out to the rear balcony.

View Rear Balcony from bedroom 02

View Rear Balcony from bedroom 03

The view from the rear balcony is amazing. It’s looking out to the east and you get beautiful sunrises to watch. It’s also very private, as nobody can overlook or look into the balcony.

View Rear Balcony from bedroom 04

View Rear Balcony from bedroom 05

The open balcony door you see leads into the breakfast bar area and kitchen.

View Rear Balcony 001

There is quite a bit of space for cupboards and storage in that area and like mentioned before, a connection for a washing machine.

View Rear Balcony 002

Looking into the main bedroom from the rear balcony.

Viev from rear balcony left 01

This is the view looking to the left from the rear balcony. The path down to the left leads to the river and beach where you can swim or just relax.

Viev from rear balcony left 02

This is just slightly farther right when you look out from the rear balcony. The large trees align the river.

Viev from rear balcony straight 03

This is the view straight ahead from the rear balcony.

Viev from rear balcony right 04

This is looking to the right from the rear balcony.

Viev from rear balcony 05

Solar Panel for hot water

On the roof, on top of the kitchen, is the solar panel for the hot water. It works wonderfully. You have free hot water all year. Should the sun not be enough in the winter, it will heat the water up itself additionally. So you will never be out of hot water and it’s by far cheaper than a normal hot water boiler.

hall view towards living room 001

This is looking down the hallway towards the living room. The open door to the right is the bathroom and the closed white door to the left is the second bedroom.

Front balcony 001

This is the view to the right looking out from the front balcony (living room balcony).

Front balcony 002

Looking out to the right from the front balcony.

Front balcony 003

Down this street in this direction you will get to the village centre. This is not a noisy or busy street btw.

Front balcony 004

The lovely view of the mountains looking to the right from the front balcony.

Front balcony 005

This is the view from the rear balcony looking pretty much straight ahead. The railway line goes past that white container up that hill.

Front balcony 006

And here looking slightly more to the left from the previous picture.

Front balcony 007

This is looking down towards the left from the front balcony. In this direction, the street leads further out from the village. You can take lovely walks in this direction as it will lead through beautiful scenery and back towards the river. There are houses all along the way for the most part.

Front balcony 008

Front balcony 009

To the left on the front balcony is also the outside part of the air condition unit.

The summers, although hot, are very pleasant in this apartment. Not just because of the air condition, but because there will always be a nice breeze if you open the balcony doors on both sides of the apartment. The winters are much more mild compared to middle and northern Europe and there is rarely snow.

The area itself is very safe and you can walk around during all times of the day and night without worries like we have in the cities of Europe. This country site area in southern spain is the best place if you want to get away from the usual stress and dangers of European cities.

This little village has everything you need. A grocery store with everything you could possibly need, a tobacconist with additional things like clothes and small electronics and other household goods. There’s also a bank and a pharmacy, as well as a doctor. There are also a few pubs/restaurants. The atmosphere in the village is very friendly and welcoming.

There is also a larger village a little bit higher up from here, called Cortes de la Frontera (Google maps link). The upper village has everything, like any other larger village. It’s not far from the small village, but it would be too far and steep for a walk up there, so owning a car, or calling a taxi would be necessary. Locals often just wait in the street leading up to the larger village to get a ride with someone driving up there.

There are many other smaller or slightly larger villages around, and owning a car in the country side is really recommend. Although it’s possible to live there without a car, as the village itself has all the necessities for daily life. My husband lived there for many years without a car.

The train station is just a few minute walk away (Google maps link). With the train you could visit the lovely city of Ronda with a 40 minutes train ride. Or you can go on the train going to the coastal town of Algeciras in a similar amount of time. If you get out at San Roque-La Linea on that same train, you can then take a short taxi ride to La linea, to visit Gibraltar.

The airport of Malaga is about an hour and a half away by car.

In all, it’s a wonderful area to live. Life feels much more calm and normal in the village of Estacion De Cortes De La Frontera. But bigger cities or towns are not difficult to reach by car or train.

The price for this apartment is 70000€.

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, or have any questions, please contact us via the contact form and we will take it from there.

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